Our First Political Cartoon

by MM


A few weeks ago, Congress absolutely pissed me off. Sadly, pissing Americans off is the only thing Congress appears capable of accomplishing. Understand I am not a fan of President Barack Obama. Believe me, I have thrown plenty of nasty words his way but until impeached under the law he is the sitting President of the United States of !!!AMERICA!!! Not some troublesome theocratic apartheid anti-paradise whose leader is blatantly using Congress’ parasitic pandering abilities to further his nation’s geopolitical interests. I do not care how much any of that very bipartisan congressional crowd loves any foreigner or foreign country or for whatever reason they may do so. And I am a dual citizen too. You do not bow down before a foreign leader or any foreigner in our Capitol Building (anywhere, actually). Pathetic! Do it in private and never let me know. Like Mr. Jon Stewart inferred, they may as well have dropped to their knees and performed public fellatio:

I really do not like Mr. Bibi NuttyYahoo but I refuse to blame him for this. He’s a politician during an election season.

This photo was not edited or photoshopped.

This photo was not edited or photoshopped.

Why not stand before another nation’s leaders and be praised like a messiah? I’d do it. Don’t lie, you would too. It would be cool. I’d let it all hang out and give the speech of my life, rambling on for three hours like Gaddafi – which by the way was the most shockingly hilarious speech by a head-of-state ever. Even the interpreters were like “screw it, he’s crazy.”

Where was I?

Oh…yeah…annoying and stupid Congress. It blows my mind when I see polls which say they have an approval rating of 12%. Who the hell is this 12%? Honestly, what could they possibly be thinking? I have to believe no less than 11% is misinterpreting the question.

As for the cartoon, I wrote it and commissioned it. I do not know Mr. Tolbert’s political beliefs so please do not wrongly infer anything toward him but rather understand he does his job like a true professional and I am thankful. Also, I do not care who uses it, reproduces it, copies it, manipulates it, puts it in a for-profit publication, prints it to a t-shirt or does whatever. Do what you like with it and no need to reference this blog unless you desire to do so. Tell people you wrote it yourself if you feel like doing so. And go ahead and be creative because the truth is you could put all kinds of nations or interests groups in place of Mr. NuttyYahoo and it would still apply.

As for the actual topic of Israel and Palestine or their relation to U.S. domestic politics and our foreign policy, there are ample references from many places for which you can learn far better than here. I suggest you start with the “The Lobby” by Harvard Professor Stephen M. Walt & University of Chicago Professor John J. Mearsheimer and “The Holocaust Industry” by Norman Finkelstein.

Now, let me say it has been mentioned by friends that I have irked, annoyed or angered an eclectic collection of people.

Taking account of things and making a list, I came up with:

1) Major League Soccer LLC and the unknown corporation it is connected to,  MLS Partners LLC. See here. (studying this super tentacled corporate behemoth has become a time-killing Rubik’s cube.)

2) Congress for the above comic and for comparing them to prostitutes. See here. For alternative names for your specific Congressman or Congresswoman, see here.

3) Overly touchy Russians for metaphorically accusing Mr. Putin of taking pounds of flesh from the West and declaring them an inevitable hegemonic and military enemy. See here and here.

4) NATO for basically accusing them of supporting a variety of jihadi nut-balls and gross ineptitude in failing to deal with Mr. Putin’s strategies. See above.

5) Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu for the above comic and constantly referring to him as Bibi NuttyYahoo. Too easy and it fits so well.

6) AIPAC, the AJC and a zillion random zionist groups for the above comic and recommending the books “The Lobby” by Harvard Professor Mr. Stephen M. Walt & University of Chicago Professor Mr. John J. Mearsheimer and “The Holocaust Industry” by Mr. Norman Finkelstein. All available at very affordable prices on Amazon. Less than $5.00 for a used copy. Also, they may not like the term “NuttyYahoo”.

7) ‘By the book’ members of the law-enforcement community who very much do not like the idea of paying for malpractice insurance. See here.

8) The remainder of the law-enforcement community, who hate the idea. See above.

9) Prostitutes for comparing them to Congress. I apologize…this was wrong. Prostitutes, please forgive me. You do not deserve to be compared to Congress.

10) NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell for repeatedly referring to him as Roger Goodoofus. This shall continue until he stops acting like a doofus.

11) The surprisingly large segment of the population with tattoos.  See here…IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, DO NOT SEE THERE! or take a chill-pill before you do.

And last but not least:

12) Real poets. See here.

So before I piss off someone who may be unhinged and because I like to stay far ahead of the game, I feel compelled to come out early and say, if even in paranoid jest, that:


Nor is my car model known to suddenly accelerate or spontaneously combust and no one in my home uses any pharmaceuticals. And I am certainly not able to stab myself like this rather effeminate looking yet samurai-like banker allegedly did when he somehow committed his own version of seppuku. I cannot stress this enough: seppuku not possible.

If I were to suffer a horrid fate, see the above list. Then question the poets first. They’d have the greatest motive.

And finally, will I stop? Well…see here.



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